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  • DO NOT SUBMIT LITIGATION ATTORNEY RETAINER if you have not completed a Consent form and/or Attorney Fee Agreement with Eileen Fowler. You may contact your group representative for the forms if you have not been declared.

  • All payments applied to the Federal Litigation Attorney Retainer are for Contracted Clients Only.

  • Please contact your group representative if you do not know the name of your land grantee, group number and for any previous or current balance due for the federal litigation; prior to completing & submitting form with payment.

  • If you do not have a group representative and do not have the information described above, please contact our office.

  • Annual Litigation payments are only for individual clients who joined the federal suit and are following protocol. Do not submit a payment if you are not a client. You can not join the federal suit by making a payment through this site.

  • If sending by mail, do not submit form and payment separately-attach the information sheet with payment.

  • If you have a pending balance, any current payment made will be applied to the pending balance first.

To Proceed with payment, please choose one of the following:

Descendants Litigation Attorney Retainer - Pay by Mail
Descendants Litigation Attorney Retainer - Pay by Paypal/Credit Card

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