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Investigation of the mineral estate status on Spanish and Mexican land grants in South Texas reveals that many appear to have royalties going into suspense, or have in the past had royalties going into suspense. Production Reports as of April, 2010 indicate that some part of the mineral estate remains in the unknown heirs on the following grants:

The following information is provided regarding grant cases we are currently representing clients in. New information will be added as it is available.

Original Grantee Spouse / Spouses Parents Notes

Juan Jose Manuel de la Garza Falcon

1st Maria Ursula Ramirez;

2nd Mara Josefa Hinojosa


Jim Hogg County

Santos Alarcon

1st Petra Torres;

2nd Josefa Rios


6 Texas grants, 2 sold

Manuel Barrera

Maria Gertrudis de la Garza

Jose Maria Barrera and Ma. Manuela de la Garza

?La Tinaja de Lara?, Jim Wells County

Jose Vasquez Borrego

Maria Josefa




Joaquin Chapa

Juana Rosa Vela

Severiano Chapa and Concepcion Rodriguez

Juana Rosa Vela is the daughter of Lazaro Vela, porcion 57.

Bartolome Cuellar

Gregoria Martinez

Ascencio Lizarraras y Cuellar and Ana Garcia

Porcion 37, Zapata, He was the father or Joaquin Cuellar, P. 35, Zapata

Joaquin Cuellar

1st Tomasa Gutierrez; 2nd Maria Gertrudis Ramirez; 3rd Maria Manuela Garcia; 4th Maria Josefa Guerra

Bartolome Cuellar (porcion 37) and Gregoria Martinez

Tomasa Gutierrez is the daughter of Bernave Gutierrez Porcion 14; and Ma. Gertrudis Ramirez is the daughter of Cristobal Ramirez porciones 17 and 18.

Jose Antonio Cuellar

1st Juana de Dios Lopez; 2nd Maria Gregoria Sanchez

Jose Francisco Cuellar and Ana Maria Gutierrez

?Palo Blanquito? Duval County

Joaquin Galan

1st Maria Josefa Sanchez; 2nd Ignacia Quiroz Sandoval

Francisco Galan and Matiana Perez de Leon

?Balconcitas? and ?Palafox?,? Webb County

Nicolas Garcia y Garcia

Josefa Velasquez


?Las Animas?

Jim Hogg County

Franciso de la Garza Ballesteros

Juana Josefa Reyna


O. G. of Porcion 78, Mier, and purchaser of Porcion 111, Camargo.

Francisco de la Garza Martinez

1st Maria Antonia Trevino;

2nd Guadalupe Villarreal

Cayetano de la Garza and Maria de Jesus Martinez

He purchased Porciones 80 and 81 from Jose Ant?o de la Garza Falcon and Juan Jose de la Garza Falcon

Jose Domingo Gonzalez

Maria Jacinta Hinojosa

Jose Florencio Gonzalez and Maria Rosa Saldivar

?Las Pintas??

Webb County

Margarita Gonzalez de Ochoa

Juan Crisostomo Hinojosa

Nicolas Gonzalez de Ochoa and Nicolasa Flores

Porcion 103, Starr County

Ramon Gonzalez

Maria Margarita Garza


Porcion 70, Starr County

Juan Jose Guerra

Maria Juana Hinojosa

Jose Silverio Guerra Canamar and Maria Guadalupe Barrera

Maria Juana Hinojosa is the daughter of Jose Marcelo Hinojosa; owner of Palo Blanco.

Antonio Martinez Gutierrez

Maria Josefa Gutierrez

Jose Antonio Martinez and Juana Josefa Gutierrez

?Blas Maria? Zapata County

Bartolome Gutierrez

Manuela de los Santos

Bernardo AKA Bernave Gutierrez and Antonia de la Garza

He is the son of Bernave Gutierrez, porcion 14.

Bernardo AKA Bernave Gutierrez

Antonia de la Garza

Antonio Gutierrez and Clara de Villarreal

Porcion 14

Clemente Gutierrez

Ana Joaquina Fernandez

Bernardo AKA Bernave Gutierrez and Antonia de la Garza

He is the son of Bernave Gutierrez, porcion 14.

Matias Longoria

Maria Margarita de Hinojosa

Diego Longoria and Maria Clara Chapa

He is the son of Diego Longoria and Clara de Chapa

Pedro Longoria

Josefa Villarreal

Diego Longoria and Maria Clara Chapa

He is the son of Diego Longoria and Clara de Chapa

Vicente Longoria

Maria Francisca de la Garza

Diego Longoria and Maria Clara Chapa

He is the son of Diego Longoria and Clara de Chapa

Pablo Mendiola

Rafaela Leal

Pedro Mendiola and Manuela Martinez

Porcion 59, Zapata and Webb Counties

Francisco Montalvo

1st Ysabel Maria Trevino;

2nd Encarnacion Guerra

Antonio Montalvo and Petra Salinas

Eduardo Montalvo, a son of Francisco Montalvo bought/inherited this landgrant.

Felipe de la Pena

Maria Josefa Trevino

Jose Maria Pena and Maria Andrea Uribe

Felipe de la Pena is the grandson of Jacinto de la Pena, porcion 25.

Jacinto de la Pena

Francisca Benavides

Jacinto de la Pena Sr. and Ana Maria Guajardo

Porcion 25, Zapata County

Cristobal Ramirez

1st Antonia Arredondo;

2nd Matiana Hinojosa

Antonio Ramirez and Juana Sanchez

Porciones 17 and 18, Zapata County

Jose Miguel Ramirez

Maria Antonia Isaguirre

Cristobal Ramirez (porciones 17 and 18) and Matiana Hinojosa

Maria Antonia Isaguirre is the daughter of Juan Panteleon Ysaguirre, porcion 56.

Toribio Rodriguez

Maria Gertrudis Sanchez

Jose Rodriguez Montemayor and Pilar Ruiz

Porcion 24, Webb County

Miguel Saens

Maria Gerarda de Hinojosa

Diego Saens and Teodora Garcia

Porcion 73, Starr County

Vicente Sais ?Saens?

1st Balbina Escobar; 2nd Francisca Longoria

Jose Gregorio Sais and Margarita Gonzalez

Vicente Sais is the grandchild of Miguel Saens, porcion 73.

Bartolome Trevino

1st Ana Maria Garcia Buentello; 2nd Ana Maria Garcia Guajardo; 3rd Francisca Salinas; 4th Antonia de Ynojosa


He, with his son, Ygnacio, once owned Porciones 96, 97, 98, 99 and 100.? Bartolome?s son applied for the patent to P. 97 in his father?s name.

Jose Ygnacio Trevino

Gertrudis Garcia

Bartolome Trevino and Antonia Hinojosa

He is the son of Bartolome Trevino, porcion 97.? He was also the original grantee of ?San Martin? in Cameron County

Lazaro Vela

Maria Antonia Garcia de Sepulveda

Lazaro Vela Sr. and Petronila Buentello.

Porcion 57, Starr County

Pedro Vela

Maria Gertrudis Cuellar

Lazaro Vela (porcion 57) and Maria Antonia Garcia de Sepulveda

Maria Gertrudis Cuellar is the daughter of Bartolome Cuellar porcion 37.

Salvador Vela

1st Rosa Garza;

2nd Agueda Longoria

Francisco Vela and Francisca de Olivarez

Cousin to Lazaro, he owned Porcion 90, Starr County

Ventura Vela

Maria Loreta aka Lorenza Guajardo

Baltazar Vela and Maria Martinez

Porcion 84, Starr County

Juan Antonio Vidaurri

Manuela Borrego


Manuela Borrego is the daughter of Jose Vasquez Borrego, owner of Hacienda de Dolores.

Jose Marcelo Ynojosa

Maria Rita Garcia

Gervacio Hinojosa and Maria Teresa Trevino

Teresa Trevino is the daughter of Bartolome Trevino, porcion 97.

Juan Pantaleon Ysaguirre

1st Ma. Antonia Ramirez; 2nd Gertrudis Vela


Maria Antonia Ramirez is the daughter of Cristobal Ramirez, porciones 17 and 18; Gertrudis Vela is the daughter of Lazaro Vela porcion 57.

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