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Eileen McKenzie Fowler is a licensed Texas attorney whose principal law offices are located in La Porte, Harris County, Texas. A Licensed attorney for more than 18 years, Eileen is a member in good standing with the Texas State Bar, and president and past president of many civic and charitable organizations.

Eileen is an attorney practicing exclusively in research and recovery of mineral rights for heirs of Spanish and Mexican land grants and 'los porciones' in South Texas.

She has spent the last seventeen years of her life fighting for the rights of heirs and family members of Spanish and Mexican land grants and 'los porciones'. She has her own unique way of seeking justice for people whose ancestors' land was taken from them by outright theft, fraud, and/or political chicanery.

Her reputation of fighting for the underdog, constantly seeking justice for the many injustices committed against the Hispanic recipients of Spanish or Mexican land grants, as well as the portions of land bordering the Rio Grande River (los porciones), which were mapped out by government-employed surveyors following the Mexican/American war.

*No board certification is currently available in this field

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